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Sahar Ki Masjid, Baroda, India

Sahar Ki Masjid, Baroda, India

The sketch above is a hurried one that I did during a day trip to Baroda (also called Vadodara), in India. This is the Sahar Ki Masjid. This relatively small masjid is located on a site with very well kept front lawns, and large trees for shading. It is often frequented by monkeys and you know I love my monkeys.

“It is a simple horizontal structure, with a visual contrast of two slender vertical Turkish minarets. There are various openings to the mosque and the base of each minaret is engraved with exquisite sculptures.”

Architecture of the Indian Sub-continent by Takeo Kamiya.

The tablet outside the building describes it as follows:

Sahar Ki Masjid is one of the most imposing structures, constructed very close to the Royal enclosure. It might be the private masjid of the Sultans with five mihrabs. The main entrance is through an arched doorway flanked by two minarets. It is covered by  projecting, sloped chhajja. Two more entries on either side of the central one are flanked by jharokhas, one with stone jali. Corresponding to each arched entry is a large dome, surrounded on all is four sides by smaller domes. A rectangular abulation tank was constructed in its premises. The mosque was built in the later half of the 15th Century.

Archaeological Survey of India

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Sahar Ki Masjid in Baroda, India

India as you continue to hear is a beautiful country. The architecture is marvelous, as I have mentioned and shown in previous sketches (Adalaj Vav, Monsoon Palace, Sarkhej Rosa, others, and the organizing principles so clear! Just fantastic!

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