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Academie Nationale de Musique in France

Above is a sketch I did of the Academie Nationale de Musique in Paris, France which I saw during my travels of 2005 in Europe. My cousin lives in London and travels a lot for her job. She went to France for a few days recently and sent photos to me. I felt like I was in her shoes as I went through the images one after the other. I could feel us ooo-ing and aahh-ing at the sights, and it was interesting to see somethings that changed and other things that stayed the same. Then I saw her photo of the Music Academy above! I couldn’t help but laugh! Just the night before I was looking over my pictures of Europe as it conjures up some of the happiest of memories for me, and I spent some extra time looking at the Academy. Europe makes my heart weep a little as I desire so strongly to return; to sketch my way through Europe. The sketch above is dedicated to Adanna for her travels, her love of architecture (though not an architect), and for sending me Moleskines that I received last night!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Thanks cuz, much love!

moleskine, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel

My Moleskines!!!

I am a lover of pens, sketchbooks, stationery, all that stuff…so here’s to the new addition to my family!

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