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Buildings on Pembroke St., Port of Spain, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel

Buildings on Pembroke St., Port of Spain

This is a sketch I did while sitting in Lord Harris Square, Port of Spain. I went to a store in the building (Deltex) to get some art supplies, and used the opportunity to relax, using a new pen I bought there. The building has a red brick facade, which I have not seen many of in Trinidad. Lord Harris Square is a nice space for sitting, and sketching. Why not try it! Try capturing images of your city; the people, buildings, spaces, details…they’re all important.

Daily notes on Architecture & Planning:

The Value of the Architect:

Good building means sound planning for convenience and comfort to meet the special desires and specific working and living needs of the architect’s client, the Owner; distinctive design; safe construction; and well selected equipment for the occupant’s health and comfort. The architect may also secure the necessary approval of zoning authorities and building officials (American Institute of Architects).

What Skills Do Successful Planners Possess?

In addition to a formal educational background, planners possess a unique combination of skills that enhance their professional success. Because planning is a dynamic and diverse profession, individual skills vary depending on a planner’s role and area of specialization. Successful planners possess a combination of these skills:

  1. Knowledge of urban spatial structure or physical design and the way in which cities work.
  2. Ability to analyze demographic information to discern trends in population, employment, and health.
  3. Knowledge of plan-making and project evaluation (American Planning Association).

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