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Chaguaramas Coast Trinidad

View to Chaguaramas waterfront

This is a sketch from the beach in front of the Chaguaramas Convention Center looking back at ALCOA with the beautiful backdrop of the verdant hills. The views to and from Chaguaramas are very beautiful; one thing however deeply concerns me. Trash! I was at the waterfront doing photography for an event and the volume of trash (bottles, paper, bags, etc.) were not only spoiling my photos, but more importantly spoiling our environment and our nation’s patrimony.

Why are we not taking care of our beaches? They are one of our main resources. Whether fines, beach patrols, and/ or clean up campaigns, we should keep our environment clean. Never should anyone feel the urge to throw trash in places other than trash cans. How can persons do this it baffles me. We need to think deeply about the type of environment we want to inherit, and the type of environment we want to leave as our legacy. Let us make and keep the beaches, and the country CLEAN. This cannot be an annual occurrence, it has to become a culture and a habit, which means individual responsibility, incentives and/ or fines to accomplish such.


The Trinidad & Tobago International Coastal Clean-up (ICC)

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