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1995 Drawing capturing the movie Speed

This weekend while looking for an old book, I was able to go through old books, files, and documents from many years ago. I came across a folder with drawings, sketches, and water color paintings from 15-16 years ago. I took them out (all still in good condition) and decided I would post a few of them.

I did the sketch above in 1995. I loved the movie SPEED and would often do drawings that would depict movies…drawings that would explain what a movie was about. I liked this drawing so much I made several copies and gave them to many of my friends…:-)

Childhood, and play is a wonderful thing. I will play for the rest of my life… in fact, I often joke that I can imagine in the future my grand-kids telling me, “You play too much!” That’s funny to me, but it’s actually what I aspire to be…a playful adult, who hopefully teaches others to keep playing. I remember in college one of my professors said to me, “I don’t know how you do it? I really don’t.” He was referring to my ideas, explanations and sketches for his assignments. What he didn’t know was that I played ALL the time. You’d never guess I did, but my friends knew that about me. I was very serious about my studies and goals, but made the time to play outside of them. Taekwondo was my means of physical release and play, sketching was play, coloring was play, laughing was play, designing was play, furniture design was play, playing was play… Is it wrong that it’s always on my mind? No. I know who I am, and I thrive on play and creativity. It keeps ideas coming and I welcome them.

It’s one of the many reasons why I was excited about living in India; to (play) fight a monkey. No lie, it was one of my goals, at the top of my list. I had to fight a monkey. Why? Because a monkey is the only animal I could think of that would have as  much fun as I would in this fight. Sad to say I never got the opportunity. People would warn me that the monkeys there made no joke, and would bite the hell out of me. I still hope to get the chance to monkey around with a monkey one day.

So today, why not be a kid again…just go PLAY!!! PLAY, PLAY, and PLAY again… please… if you have a monkey on your back…EVEN BETTER!

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