Thinking Insomniac Light Painting ExperimentThinking Insomniac Light Painting Experiment 

I have been practicing and experimenting with Light Painting after my close friend showed it to me and said, “This is cool…I think you will like it!” And he was right! I do not have a dark room so I experiment at night… I got my camera ready, set it to a pretty low ISO (under 400), high aperture – as high as you can get it (e.g. f/18 or f/22), and a slow shutter speed. I am still experimenting with the shutter speed. Right now I have a time of 30 seconds to write…this is a LONG I am working on it and will let you all know of my progress. If you have any advice for me that will also be great!

I Love You Light Painting

Hello, I Love You Light Painting

You may be able to make out some of the words in the above photos… I am so excited at this new thing to try out…the good thing is.. I don’t sleep as you know…so the night time is perfect for me to make art and experiment. An architect and designer who dances with light at night. LOL..

Vertical Light Painting

Vertical Light Painting

Circle Light Painting

Circle Light Painting

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Look out for my Visual Recipe tomorrow.

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  1. msveronicas says:

    Looks really neat. Have fun experimenting.

  2. AYHT says:

    Looks Awesome!

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