Thinking Insomniac Visual Recipe - Pelau

Visual Recipe - Pelau

Today’s Visual Recipe is pelau, another Trinidadian favorite. It’s main ingredients are rice, chicken (if you like) and peas. It is usually a great addition to a beach lime with cole slaw or potato salad. Some people (like me) look forward to the “bun-bun” in pelau. What is the “bun bun” you might ask?.. It is the burnt remnants of rice and peas left at the bottom of the pot in which it was cooked in. Mmmm.

I remember once my office had a “International Food Festival” day. There were so many of us from different parts of the world and the US working there that we decided to have an event where we could taste different types of food… I decided that I would cook pelau for the event. Ahem… Who would I call to get a great pelau recipe? My brother! My brother has a great hand! He would drive from New York to DC with green bananas, saltfish, you name it… he travels with food and drinks, and comes prepared to cook! So I called him and took notes.

I had my ingredients..and began “bubblin'” my pot. I cooked the pelau (sometimes referred to as Lau), and had some tasters (one actually), to ensure I could make a good show on the day. The Friday morning, my workmate picked me up (pelau pot in hand), and we went to the office. Everyone’s face beaming looking forward to the afternoon’s events. It was a feast! Beautiful food, delectable meals…just scrumptious!

We actually had to judge the meals..and guess what people? I won the NON-VEGETARIAN ENTREE category!!! I should say my brother won, with his wonderful palate, fine cooking skills, and love. Hope you enjoy today’s Visual Recipe, and most of all….


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