Things to watch in 2011

Things to watch in 2011

I found this very interesting document on 100 Things to Watch in 2011 by JWT Intelligence on Slidehare. I thought I would share it with you. In my notes above I pulled out a few that stood out to me.  This included:

#7 – Bamboo: Bamboo is seen as one of the most sustainable materials with more and more research being done into its uses. I designed 2 products for a competition using Bamboo, one I named 3Boo – A Bamboo Bodied Bike, and the other Build-Boo – A Bamboo Building in a Box. Check them out.

#12 – Bjarke Ingels: His work and experiments says it all! Look at him on too – Click here >>>.

#20 – Costlier Cotton: Due to floods in Pakistan, China, etc. we can see an increase in the price of cotton, I think however this can be a good opportunity for West Indian Sea Island Cotton.

#29 – Digital Downtime: Spending time away from our electronic and digital distractions.

#34 – Fashion Fast-Forward: Reducing the time between design, the runway, and retail in the fashion industry.

#80 – Tougher bans on smokers: I think they may have to move to the moon soon enough.

#85 – Storied products

#96 – Urban Industrial Parks: City planners will be looking at innovative ways in which to transform neglected urban environments and structures. One such successful project is High Line in New York.

Look at the slides, it’s very interesting. Click here >>>

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