Visual Recipe for Trinidadian Pastelles

Visual Recipe for Trinidadian Pastelles

One of the Christmas delights in Trinidad & Tobago is pastelle. It is a steamed (or boiled) cornmeal pie filled with meat and other ingredients; wrapped in banana leaves. Some persons who may not have banana leaves use aluminum foil…but the leaves infuses the pastelle with an additional wonderful and homey taste. It is one of my favorite appetizers and I look forward to it every Christmas. Above is a visual recipe for pastelles I drew. I used the recipe from the Trinidad Newsday (Sunday 5, Dec. 2010). I was told however that 6 cups of boiling water was too much… try 3.5 – 4 cups instead. Hope you try it, and enjoy it! Let me know how it tasted. You are more than welcome to print this drawing, and place it in your kitchen too! (If you want a larger resolution, just let me know).

Squidoo Lens of Pastelles

Other websites with recipes for pastelles:
Wendy Rahamut>>
Simply Trinidad Cooking>>>>

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  1. swilliams says:

    Makes me feel to make some…then i came to my senses.

  2. MsVeronicas says:

    Great work. I just love your illustrations. I am also from Trinidad – now living in NJ. I would really appreciate a new subscriber to my blog too – Thanks and I can’t wait for you new posts. Again, great job.

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