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World Cup 2010 Winners - Spain

I would like to congratulate Spain and the Netherlands on a nail biting World Cup finale of “almost” goals and a fight to the finish. It was for me, one of the best finales. It was filled with excitement, some terrible fouls (kung fu), hard running, tackling, ball possession, technique…it was fantastic!

Spain persevered and got the winning goal in the end. I did not want this game to go into penalty kicks AT ALL, because we all know penalty shoot outs can be very unfair and does not indicate who really played the better ball. Well done Netherlands, you all put up a great fight (De Jong, keep your studs down next time please…this is football, not martial arts).

Puyol, my goodness, you are indeed a warrior! You fouled Robben I thought…but you go all out buddy…just awesome! Robben, I feel your pain…I was speechless that neither of those two chances converted. Well done though.

Casillas, fantastic work. Iniesta, good ball playing throughout, great goal. Xavi, Villa, Navas….congrats!

To all football lovers everywhere…we had a great world cup of great upsets and a great finale.. What the hell will we look forward to now? It was a great fete!