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365 in 365

(365 – 001)

I have set a challenge for myself…(I welcome you to join me too). I will do 365 drawings/ sketches/ designs in 365 days. I may like some of the results, I may not. That’s not the goal, the goal is to always DO, and I will share them with you. Whatever I do will more than likely be done by hand. What kind of architect or designer or artist am I if I don’t DO? If you would be joining me on this challenge…send me a link to your blog, etc. If for some reason I am unable to design or sketch something, I am thinking I will post a previous sketch. What do you think? What would be a fun/ cool incentive or punishment to never miss a day? Let me know if you can think of one. In addition to keeping up with my challenge, I will also be posting my blogs as usual. So…here we go!

Above is Sketch #1 by the way (365 – 001)

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This work by Vernelle Noel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

  1. Gijsbert says:

    Great idea! If you dont post on a certain day, your punishment could be to visit a person you dont know yet next day and help this person with something he/she needs help in 🙂

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