thank you andy thinking insomniac cartoon sketch van

Thanks Andy!

I wanted to thank one of my best friends Andy for always being there. We went to college together, and have been together through thick and thin, sick and sin. Andy has NEVER hesitated to be positive and encourage others, including me. I have been privileged to be his friend…I know he has my back come what may. This guy is truly a gem, and anyone can tell you that about him. In college he was always there to feed someone or help them with a roof over their head. He would listen for hours while people whined about their lot in life.

Andy did Chemical Engineering while I did Architecture. I remember one day complaining to him about the volume of work I had to do and how overwhelmed I was. He looked at me…laughed…and I won’t ever forget what he said…he said, “Hold on a minute? You get to draw, use colored pencils, markers, and play with colored paper!!! and you call that hard work! Do you have any idea what I have to do?!” I broke out laughing…we could not stop laughing and even now I am still laughing.

Andy amazes me because no matter what happens in life, he has the ability to see the silver lining (which can be darn irritating at times when you just want to vent)…but he knows how to let you know that it will be okay. I just wanted to tell Andy, “THANK YOU!” There are so many people who go through life never hearing that they can, and you my friend have never held back, or been insincere. We are buddies for life, and the world is a better place with you in it!

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